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Kikuichi Knives

The Kikuichi Company has a long and distinguished history. Although it has been producing superior cutlery for more than a hundred years, the origins of the company lie still further back in time.

Explore Our Selection of Supreme Quality Kikuichi Knives.


NEW! Kikuichi Kurouchi Carbon Steel

Kurouchi translates roughly to "rustic finish" - the black oxide coating is produced during the heat treatment of the knife. Saya is optional.

The collection offers 4 exquisite knives - 9.5" Chef Knive, 7" Santoku, 6" Petty, and a 10" Slicer knife.

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Kikuichi Tsuchime Damascus Knives

The signature of this series is the unique hand-hammered Tsuchime pattern.

The collection offers 5 exquisite knives - 2 Gyuto (8" and 9.5"), 7" Santoku, 5.3" Petty, and a 3" Paring knife.

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Kikuichi Sweden Nickel Damascus Knives

The blades have a Swedish steel core and stainless steel sides with high nickel content.

Beautiful Damascus finish and rose-wood handle make these knives appealing to both culinary pros and home chefs.

This collection includes 2 Gyuto knives (8" And 9.6"), 6" Utility knife, 6.5" Usuba, 7" Santoku, and 9.5" Sujihiki.

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Kikuichi 73-Layer Nickel Damascus Knives

Kikuichi’s 73-Layer Nickel Damascus series offer an exceptional blade performance combining three types of steel - high-carbon (SKD-11) core and two types of nickel stainless steel (SUS 304 and SUS 401).

This collection includes three exquisite knives - an 8"Gyuto, a 7" Santoku and a 5.5" Utility knife.

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Kikuichi Ice Hardened Molybdenum Stainless Steel Knives

These knives are made from ice hardened AUS10 Molybdenum stainless steel. Hand forged dimples to the sides give each knife an invididual character and prevent food from sticking to the blade.

The collection contains 4 Gyuto (7", 8", 9.5", and 10.5"), 6.5" Santoku, 2 Utility knives (5,3" 6"), 9.5" Sujihiki, and 5.8" Honesuki.

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Kikuichi Elite Gold Warikomi Knives with Ho-Wood Handle

This collection offers high-class traditional Japanese knives constructed out of AUS-8 core, softer stainless steel outside, and finished with a Ho-Wood (Japanese magnolia) handle.

The collection includes 10 knives - 5 Yanagi, 3 Deba, a 6,5" Bunka and a 6.5" Nakiri.

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Kikuichi Molybdenum Stainless Steel Knives

Very orthodox western style knives, made of the highest grade of Molybdenum AUS10 stainless steel.

This collection offers 8 knives in various sizes - 5 Gyuto knives (7", 8", 9,5", 10,5", and 12"), 2 Petty or Utility knives (5", 6"), and a 3" Paring knife.

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Kikuichi Elite Gold Warikomi Knives

A VG-5 stainless core for excellent edge retention, stainless steel outside for stability and toughness, and a unique brown color mahogany handle is what makes this collection special.

Includes 7 knives - 3 Sushi Roll knives (8 in., 9.5 in. and 10.5 in.), 2 Gyuto (8 and 9.5 in) a 6.5 in. Bunka and a 5.3 in. Petty knife.

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Kikuichi Sharpening Water Stones

The best cutting edge is generated by skilfull sharpening on a good water stone. Explore our selection of Kikuichi sharpenenig tools.

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